Why don't you ask us for a strategic audit of all your communications?
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You're communicating to your customers, online and in print, Facebooking and tweeting too, and you're satisfied that you are doing content marketing. One more box ticked! But we have seen how drastically these communications can vary in quality and how inappropriate they can be to the needs of the audience. Also how fragmented and inconsistent the message can be.

Why don't you ask us for a strategic audit of all your communications to ensure quality communications that meet the need of your customers and your own objectives? Our experience of customer communications is deep and varied and you can benefit from the insights gleaned in different industries and from some steep learning curves along the way.

How we do it:

  • A comprehensive audit of all your communications
  • Development of a multi-platform content marketing strategy
  • Redesigns and the creation of style guides and templates if needed
  • Assistance with content creation
  • In-company design and editorial training